Company Profile

koCon² GmbH is a young and vibrant business which specialises in Engineering and Coaching Performance. We provide cross functional, international and tailored solutions for your Project Management, Advanced Training and Consulting Topic needs. Our innovative environment allows our team to actively process and manage complex challenges while continuously developing internally.

We are looking forward to supporting you with High Quality results, based on “Concepts for Better Performance”, in order to improve and sustain your business success on a long-term base.

Engineering Performance covers diverse qualifications within the scope of Project Management, Consulting and Technical Documentation. Distinct technical background knowledge and expertise is applied to customer specific requirements in order to develop and implement the best concept solution.

Expert Performance incorporates diverse qualifications within the scope of Qualified Expert Business for motorised vehicles within the automotive industry sector, Accident Prevention Regulation examinations and technical services for GTÜ mbH. Lean organisation structure and consistent flexibility enable professional, customised and qualified consulting and services for this business.

Coaching Performance applies diverse qualifications within the scope of Advanced Training, Conception and Implementation of training as well as human resources and corporate development. Advanced training methods ensure successful operational training within the workplace to ensure a sustainable and efficient base, tailored to individual customer needs.